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Fridge Freezer Repairs In And Around Birmingham 
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All our fridge freezer repairs come with a warranty, and you'll always be given a fixed price quote up front so you can decide whether you want to go ahead with the repair or not. 
If a repair is not economically viable, we’ll tell you so and we can help you with obtaining a replacement fridge freezer at a very competitive price. 

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Urgent Fridge Freezer Repairs 

The fridge freezer typically stands out as one of the most indispensable home appliances. A breakdown can disrupt daily life significantly, emphasizing its crucial role. 
A malfunctioning fridge freezer can lead to sour milk, spoiled leftovers, and thawed frozen items, creating inconvenience. Prompt action is essential to avoid such scenarios. 
Upon contacting our helpline, we swiftly schedule a repair visit. Our team of qualified, DBS checked engineers from Home Appliances Repair Team will promptly arrive at your location to restore your cooling storage functionality. 
We offer fridge freezer repairs in Birmingham and the local surrounding areas.  

All Major Fridge Freezer Brands Repaired 

Covering all major brands, we specialise in repairing all models of fridge freezers in and around Birmingham, including popular names like LG, Samsung, Hisense, and Electrolux. From American style side-by-side to French door designs, with various configurations such as freezer top or bottom, or under-counter integrated fridges, we can address a wide range of setups. 
Common fridge freezer issues we tackle include: 
Temperature fluctuations 
Faulty thermostats 
Condenser coil damage 
Electrical malfunctions 
Frost accumulation 
Interior water pooling 
For prompt assistance, contact our friendly helpline at 07305 127305, and we'll swiftly dispatch a repair engineer to your location. 

Why choose Home Appliances Repair Team? 

All our engineers are trained and DBS checked. 
We'll provide you with a fully qualified, DBS vetted engineer to your local area. 
Same day or next-day service 
Need your appliance fixed the same day? We offer a same day service to our customers. 
No hidden costs 
No extra charges for call-out, labour or parts on the Repair & Care plan. 

Lifespan of a fridge freezer 

A failing fridge freezer often shows warning signs before a complete breakdown, with changes in operational sounds being a common indicator. Calling our engineers at this stage allows us to diagnose and repair faults proactively, preventing a total failure. 
In most cases, a worn part replacement or other fix can be more economical than purchasing a new unit. With proper care, fridge freezers can last up to 20 years, highlighting the value of repair over replacement. 
Ensuring stable ambient temperatures where the appliance is located is crucial for its longevity. Avoid overpacking the interior during heat waves to prevent compressor strain. Regularly check the door seal for damage to maintain efficiency. 
Have our contact information easily accessible for timely professional assistance with your fridge freezer to ensure its optimal performance and longevity. 

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