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All our tumble dryer repairs come with a warranty, and you'll always be given a fixed price quote up front so you can decide whether you want to go ahead with the repair or not. 
If a repair is not economically viable, we’ll tell you so and we can help you with obtaining a replacement tumble dryer at a very competitive price. 

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What to do if your Tumble Dryer breaks down 

In the majority of UK households, washing machines and tumble dryers are inseparable partners. Limited time and unfavourable weather often render air-drying impractical, emphasising the vital role of tumble dryers in preventing damp laundry from cluttering radiators or bathroom fixtures. 
Tumble dryers, a modern household convenience, became prevalent in the 1960s. It's difficult to envision life without them now. A breakdown underscores the significant role this essential appliance plays in daily routines. 
When your tumble dryer malfunctions in Birmingham, remain calm as expert assistance is readily available. Home Appliances Repair Team offers prompt and trustworthy home appliance repairs across all areas in and around the city of Birmingham. Contact us for efficient tumble dryer repairs within our service areas. 

Different makes of Tumble Dryers 

Our skilled repair engineers handle all kinds and brands of tumble dryers, including Bosch, Beko, Miele, Hotpoint, AEG, Hoover, and Candy. 
When booking a repair, informing us about your specific tumble dryer type is beneficial. Vented dryers utilise a wide hose to expel moist air, requiring proper ventilation. In contrast, condenser dryers trap expelled water vapour in a removable container for disposal after each cycle. 
Renowned for energy efficiency, Heat Pump dryers recycle heated air internally, operating similarly to condenser dryers in water collection. Ensuring optimal performance and longevity involves avoiding overloading, adhering to positioning guidelines, and following manufacturer instructions for maintenance and use, regardless of the dryer type. 

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We'll provide you with a fully qualified, DBS vetted engineer to your local area. 
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No extra charges for call-out, labour or parts on the Repair & Care plan. 

Efficient Tumble Dryer Repairs 

Tumble dryers, industrious appliances, can encounter wear and tear despite diligent care. 
Issues like cold air blowing or a non-starting dryer often require simple component replacements for swift restoration. 
Common repairs involve thermostat, drum belt, jockey wheels, door switch, bearings, and lint blockages. 
Our repair services are prompt and reliable. Equipped with a mobile workshop, we ensure immediate repair without delays. We provide transparent pricing, avoiding hidden costs, offering a cost-effective alternative to replacing your faulty tumble dryer. 
Throughout Birmingham, count on our quick and effective tumble dryer repair solutions. 

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